What You Will Need To Have In Place To Have Your Own Snail Farm

The fact is that collecting snails from the field to sell is not sustanable.

You can achieve a lot more by rasing your own snail rather than endangering the perfect balance of nature in your area.

I have listed below a quick simple  guide on what you might need to start up your own snail farming business.

1. You will need your start up stock of snails.

2. You will need a suitable site to grow snails. A site that is rich in humus.

3. You will need to be able to source enough food for your snails to feed on.

4. You will need to have especially if you live in a tropical climate, a shelter to provide shelter to the snails.

5. You will need a pen for the snails.

6. You will need to be able to protect the snals from the wind.

7.  Depending on the climate of the region you are located at, you will need to protect them from sudden change in temperature and humidity.

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