The Advantages Of Rearing Snails Using The Indoor System Of Snail Farming


There are number of ways to raise snails for your snail farming business.

Each method by raising snails has it’s own advantages & disadvantages.

The type of snail you are planing to raise and the target market you are rasing snails to supply to will ultimately affect the method of rearing snails you decide to use.

The size of your wallet also affects the system you decide to use to raise your snails.

One key method used by a those of snail farmers especially in the developing countries is the Indoor System Of  Snail Farming.

The system involves rasing snails indoors in pens located within a building.


The advantages using the Indoor System Of Snail Farming are:

1. You need little space to ……. the space. The advantage here is that you can rear the snails without the experience of having to hire land or buy land.

2. Easy to Start Up Quickly.

3. Easy to control temperature, lighting & health care. You can create optimum temperatures as much as you like.

4. Can easily maximise the number of snails you produce.

5. Start up cost can be low. You might not need to purchase land

6. Control over the performance of the snails.

7. Easier to protect your snail from pest.

Although there are advantages …. you might find that you  could be disadvantaged in selling your snail off especially to buyers that want free range snails.

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