Snail Farming Business In Australia – Download FREE Code Of Practice Guide

Download FREE Code Of Practice Guide

If you are already in the snail farming industry in Australia or you are thinking of gettting into the snail farming business… you would want to read this.

It’s an industry Code of Practice (the Code) that provides general principles and advice on the standards for breeding, farming and processing snails in Australia for the gourmet food trade.

You would find the guide useful if you are a commercial snail farmer and you intend to practice free range snail farming.

Snail farming practices that once may have been considered appropriate have been reassessed in the light of new knowledge and changing attitudes to understanding the needs of the physiology, growth, reproduction, nutrition and safe, hygienic and  humane processing of snails for human consumption.

The Australian Free-range Snail Farming Code of Practice has been developed through consultation with representatives from free-range snail farmers in Australia and New Zealand and an independent veterinarian.

The aim of The Code is to emphasise that free-range snail production is the only sustainable and ethical snail farming practice that has a positive influence on the quality of snails while optimizing the health and welfare of farmed snails.

Download your own copy of Australian Free-range Snail Farming Code of Practice.  Click here to download your copy or click on the image below

australia snail farming guide

SOURCE: Sonya Begg
Orange NSW Australia
November 2009

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