Snail Farming Business: How To Mass Produce Snails Organically

Snail Farming Business: How To Mass Produce Snails Organically

Thinking of getting into the snail farming business but dont know where to start. Download this FREE guide to help kickstart your thinking

You will find that this report provides detailed information and self-explanatory graphics on the subject of mass producing snails utilising the Italian method of farming snails in pasture production or free range

It explains the process of farming snails in large numbers, necessary for a sustainable, viable, commercial operation.

If you are thinking of getting into the snail farming business… you will find this book useful to read.

The book gives a good insight into how to successful breed the edible snail, Helix aspers using the free range method.

You can also use this report as a bases for producing other snail breeds like the African Giant snails

The report highlights the importance of the full biological cycle of breeding snails as a requirement for a successful, sustainable commercial operation.

Included in this report is some important information about the purging process and research results regarding nutritional analysis and product shelf life information.

This report was produced for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC)
by Sonya Begg

Download your own copy of the report titled “Free Range Snail Farming In Australia” click here or click on the image below

 free range snail farming guide


Snail Farming Business: How To Mass Produce Snails Organically

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  1. Please post materials on how to successfully mass produce the Giant African land snails-
    Archarchatina Marginata and Archatina Archatina . Reach out to local snail farmers in Nigeria and
    Report their field experiences. I for one, have been farming the two snails mentioned above consis
    tently since 1996. Yet, I need to cross-fertilize ideas with other successful farmers.Thank you.

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