Raising Snails: A Step By Step Guide To Successful Farming Of Giant African Snails


If you are thinking of setting up your own snail farming business… you might find the contents of this book quite useful.

This book has been written for those people who are interested in starting up their own snail farming business venture especially with the Giant African Snails.

The fast dwindling populations of giant African snails due to intense human predation has necessitated search for  new  methods of farming. 

snail farms - How to start up your snail farming businessThis book is a practical guide to farming of giant African snails with recommendation of outdoor farming for tropical countries and information about indoor breeding.

The book also  outlines the main types of edible land snails and their characteristics, methods of snail farming, husbandry practices, snail trade and snail dishes. 

The Information given in the book should help every snail farmer understand why he/she does what. 

The book can also be of benefit to students to help them get a better understanding of the Giant african Snail and its farming methods.

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 Giant African Snail Farming Made Fun: A step by step guide to successful farming of giant African snails




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5 thoughts on “Raising Snails: A Step By Step Guide To Successful Farming Of Giant African Snails”

  1. thank you for the resources materials that are available to educate one on this issue.I am interest in starting this project for myself, please can u give me an idea of the cost implications and other logistics that one should know about

    • Keep an eye out on the site… There are more Free materials scheduled over the next coming weeks about the costings and what to look out for in the snail farming business.

  2. hello,
    i’m interested in starting a snail farm but i’m finding it difficult getting the snail hutches and cages, can you advice on where i can purchase them or construct if need be.
    and if i want to start the business how much is required to provide a minimum of 1000 snails a month?
    thank you for your prompt response.

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