Commercial Snail Farming: Understanding The World Market For Snails



One of the most important things you need to be successful in any business is a good understanding of the market place and it is no different in the snail farming industry.

If you are contemplating going into snail farming on a commercial scale including importing and exporting to other countries then one thing that will give you immediate competitive advantage is the knowledge of the global snail market.

This report has been put together for strategic planners, international executives and import/export managers who are concerned with the market for snails. 

With the globalization of the snail market, you can no longer be contented with just a local view of the snail farming market. 

You also cannot afford to rely on “out-of-date” statistics that appear several years after the fact. 


You really need to be aware of things such as :

  • Which countries are the top suppliers of snails and what countries are the your potential competitors exporting snails to? 
  • What is the dollar value of these imports? … thus giving you an idea what the potential market is
  • How much do the imports of snails vary from one country to another? what country has got a snail market and which one has not got one
  • What shares of the market other snail producing firms have? Is there potential room for your firm?
  • Which countries supply the most exports of snails excluding sea snails? 
  • Which countries are buying their exports? 
  • What is the value of these exports and which countries are the largest buyers?

The report uses  macroeconomic and trade models, to estimate the market for snails excluding sea snails for those countries serving the world market via exports or supplying from various countries via imports.


snail farming business - world market report

The books also summarizes the regional markets for imported and exported snails excluding sea snails across over 150 key country markets and projects these to the current year.

You will also find detailed information on the snail farming industry for over 150 countries

Here is a list of the contents in the report:


The World Market for Snails Excluding Sea Snails: A 2011 Global Trade Perspective


1.1 Our Approach

2.1 Exports
2.1.1 The World Market: Snails Excluding Sea Snails Export Supplies in 2011
2.2 Imports
2.2.1 The World Market: Imported Snails Excluding Sea Snails in 2011

3.1 Africa: Export Supplies of Snails Excluding Sea Snails
3.1.1 Executive Summary

3.1.2 Algeria
3.1.3 Madagascar
3.1.4 Senegal
3.1.5 Tunisia

3.2 Asia: Export Supplies of Snails Excluding Sea Snails
3.2.1 Executive Summary
3.2.2 China
3.2.3 Hong Kong
3.2.4 India

3.2.5 Indonesia
3.2.6 Japan
3.2.7 Malaysia
3.2.8 South Korea
3.2.9 Thailand
3.2.10 Vietnam
3.3 Europe: Export Supplies of Snails Excluding Sea Snails
3.3.1 Executive Summary
3.3.2 Albania
3.3.3 Belarus
3.3.4 Belgium
3.3.5 Bosnia and Herzegovina
3.3.6 Bulgaria
3.3.7 Croatia
3.3.8 Cyprus
3.3.9 Czech Republic
3.3.10 France
3.3.11 Germany
3.3.12 Greece
3.3.13 Hungary
3.3.14 Italy
3.3.15 Latvia
3.3.16 Lithuania
3.3.17 Macedonia
3.3.18 Moldova
3.3.19 Poland
3.3.20 Romania
3.3.21 Russia
3.3.22 Slovenia
3.3.23 the Netherlands
3.3.24 Ukraine
3.4 Latin America: Export Supplies of Snails Excluding Sea Snails
3.4.1 Executive Summary
3.4.2 Chile
3.4.3 Mexico
3.5 North America & the Caribbean: Export Supplies of Snails Excluding Sea Snails
3.5.1 Executive Summary
3.5.2 Canada
3.5.3 the United States
3.6 the Middle East: Export Supplies of Snails Excluding Sea Snails
3.6.1 Executive Summary
3.6.2 Azerbaijan
3.6.3 Turkey

4.1 Africa: Snails Excluding Sea Snails Imports in 2011
4.1.1 Executive Summary
4.1.2 South Africa
4.1.3 Tunisia
4.2 Asia: Snails Excluding Sea Snails Imports in 2011
4.2.1 Executive Summary
4.2.2 China
4.2.3 Hong Kong
4.2.4 Japan
4.2.5 Singapore
4.3 Europe: Snails Excluding Sea Snails Imports in 2011
4.3.1 Executive Summary
4.3.2 Belgium
4.3.3 Czech Republic
4.3.4 Denmark
4.3.5 Finland
4.3.6 France
4.3.7 Germany
4.3.8 Greece
4.3.9 Italy
4.3.10 Lithuania
4.3.11 Luxembourg
4.3.12 Macedonia
4.3.13 Malta
4.3.14 Romania
4.3.15 Slovenia
4.3.16 the Netherlands
4.4 Latin America: Snails Excluding Sea Snails Imports in 2011
4.4.1 Executive Summary
4.4.2 Mexico
4.5 North America & the Caribbean: Snails Excluding Sea Snails Imports in 2011
4.5.1 Executive Summary
4.5.2 Canada
4.5.3 the United States

5.1 Disclaimers & Safe Harbor
5.2 ICON Group Ltd. User Agreement Provisions 

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