Choosing The Right Breeding Stock For Your Snail Farm


One of the most important factors that can affect the survival and success of your snail farm is your success at choosing the right sort of snail to farm and the right quality of snail to start up your snail farm business with.

If you are just starting up your snail farm, you will find this article to be of immense value

Getting your selection right will not only mean that you save yourself a lot of stress in the future..

It will also ensure that:

  • You are able to sell the snails you have produced for a profit
  • You are more able to get a quick  return on your investment because your snails will grow much faster
  • You get much more for your snails as you tend to breed higher quality snails
  • You make more money as you have lower fatalities and illness among your snails and end up having more snails to supply the market with … the more snails you have .. the more profit you are likely to make
  • You get snails that also reproduce much more rapidly which in turn further increases your coffers


so if you are just starting out … you can begin to see the importance of why you need to choose the right stock for your snail farm


The key to getting the best start up for your snail farm business is to have snails that will grow quickly, reproduce quickly, produce more eggs, not easily get infected with disease & can produce you healthy snail babies.

snail breeding - choosing right snail for your snail farm

Here are 6 key pointers to help you in selecting the right breeding stock for your snail farm

  • Do your research well to know what your market wants before you even start to stock up your snail farm
  • Invest in snails that you know your target market eats or are familiar with… Trying to sell the small Helix types in some areas in Africa will only fetch you a blank stare
  • Select only snails of the same kind to grow… having too many breeds will make your job complex except you are well experienced and the market exist
  • Choose as your breeding stock.. snails that are fully grown and fully fits its shell. Snails that dont fit the shell might be ill
  • Choose snails that have a good strong shell. Whilst some cracks in the shell can heal… you just don’t want to risk it… and also snails with good strong shells sell better when it comes to selling them on
  • Choose the largest of the fully grown snails that you can find from the kind of snail that you find. …Larger snails are healtheir, lay more eggs than smaller ones and the eggs of larger snails hatch better and their offsprings or babies grow bigger and faster


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