Snail Farming Business: Is Snail Farming A Viable Business In Africa?

In recent times, some Ghanaians and Nigerians have started venturing into snail farming, but efforts still need to be intensified towards satisfying the local market and subsequently getting a share of the foreign market.

The question is … Is Snail farming a viable busines in Africa

Snail Farming Business: Raising Snails for Food and Profit In Ghana

Snails are eaten in large numbers in southern Ghana and in most parts of Africa.

But, though snail is considered a delicacy in the southern part of Ghana, most people in central and southern Africa do not eat snails.

In Ghana, raising snails is a recent agricultural activity. But research has shown that it is a cost-effective and profitable farming activity that does not demand a lot of start-up money or time.

The following is an extract of a radio interview I came across featuring an interview with an agricultural extension officer about how to raise snails.

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