Snail Rearing – How To Farm The Giant African Land Snail – A Video Guide

If you are thinking of getting into the snail farming business and not too sure. It might be adviceable that you start up with one or two snails to see how well you can cope in looking after the snails.

Here is a 10 minute clip recently uploaded by Aaron Jones (Household Farmer) to help people who might be thinking of growing their own snails.

The video shows you how you can raise snails even in your backyard.

raising snails - free range snails

Raising Snails: key Advantages Of Using The Pasture Production System For Raising Snails

How do you make more money as a snail farmer?

The answer is by taking good care of your snails.

The more you care about the welfare of your snail livestock … the more money you are likely to make from your role as a snail farmer.

By protecting the primary needs of your snail and by allowing them to live according to their nature … the more you get from your snails

snail farming business - raising snails

Raising Snails – 3 Keys Methods To Setting Up Your Own Snail Farm

Snail farmers throughout the world have been experimenting with different types of production arrangements for a good many years.

The search has always been for:

a system that incorporates minimising labour input and
a system that offers greater economic returns for the amount of money invested

There are three main systems in use by most snail farmers at the present time.

snail farms - beginners guide to starting a snail farm

Raising Snails: A Beginners Guide On How To Start Up A Snail Farm In Your Backyard

If you are just contemplating whether to own a snail farm or not… this might be some thing you can do on a trial basis in your backyard.

It’s an ideal way for beginners entering the snail farming industry or for people wishing to grow snails for home consumption touse. The snail farm can also be easily managed by one person.