Start Up A Snail Farm Business – Understanding The Profit Potential Of Rearing Snails As A Business

One of the key factors to understand in any business before you get started or involved in it …is to understand the profit potential that the business offers.

It is no different in the snail farming business.

For those of you contemplating whether to invest in the snail farming business or not,

There are a number of factors that make investing in a snail farm attractive to undertake as an investment.

Here is a quick startup snail rearing factsheet about the profit potential of the snail farming business

  • The Start up cost for a person to get into the snail farming business is pretty low compared to a number of similar businesses out there
  • There are no barriers to entry so anyone can easily and quickly start up a snail farming business
  • There are hardly any legal hurdles that you need to overcome to start up a snail farming business
  • The capital cost involved in setting up a snail farming business is quite low
  • The cost of housing the snails are quite cheap to build… in some cases all you need is to build a snail pen
  • The snails can also be kept in make shift housing… so for those with little or nothing to invest… it is still possible to get into the snail farming business.
  • The cost of feeding the snails is quite low as all they eat is plants … no need to have to buy any special feeds
  • Snails are not easily susceptible to illness… so it is much more easier to keep them than for example fish
  • The labour cost of looking after the snails is quite minimal. Probably at a cost of 1 person spending an hour a day looking after about 100 snails


Let me share with you a quick “off the head” profit possibility

Below is a quick assessment of what profit you are likely to make if you had invested in snails such as the Achatina achatina.

The Achatina achatina snail is capable of producing over 300 eggs or more in a growing season.

Assuming you purchase 10 snails @ a cost of N40 each…. It means you spent N400 purchase cost

Each of those 10 snails have 300 eggs each …. thus giving you

300 eggs X 10 = 3000 snails

Even if you lost 10% of the snails to natural causes and illness i.e( 10% of 3000 = 30 snails)

You are still left with 2700 snails with an estimated turnover of

2700 snails sold @ N40 each = N108,000

You dont need a degree in mathematics to start to see the benefits of strating up your own snail farming business.

Off course,…. you need to adjust for the other production cost… but even with that factored in…. you will still get more than what you get in some other businesses

The challenge for most snail farmers is how to push production up…. which with clever management and knowledge is quite easily achieved in the snail farming business

The fact is that you too, can if you wish… easily get into the business of snail farming and less I forget…

It’s also a business that you can do as an add on to your full time work if you are already employed…so you don’t really need to give up your day job!!!




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9 thoughts on “Start Up A Snail Farm Business – Understanding The Profit Potential Of Rearing Snails As A Business”

    • Hi Agatha,

      The starting point is market research.

      I would advice that you do the appropriate market research first and then set up a farm to meet the needs of that market

  1. Hello there, thank you for providing us with such great information about snail farming. Those interested in this business will really benefit from your site.

    I have been interested in this business for about a year now and i would like to start it from Bosnia, in Europe. However, i still need lots of research into my market, who will buy the snails from Bosnia, as well as the breeding phase for that region.

    What would you advise is the best starting point for me and what do you believe would be the most challenging part of starting this business from Bosnia?

    Thank you so much for your time, it is greatly appreciated.


  2. I am interested in snail farming but do not hv enough information on hw to take care of the young ones after they r hatched by the adults…plz can u help me with information on that?Thx.

  3. It’s nice to read some information about snail business and I have interest In th business
    And am ready to start with a plot of land.. Can anyone give me more clue about it so I can start immediately

  4. I´m starting on the snail farming, although I have find it difficulty on getting statistics info as the size of the market, market price, etc., for trying to make a bussiness plan. Also Instead of using the Italian style of farming I´d like to explore the intensive style which I´ve heard is also use in France, but most of the guides and info doesn´t explain how to do so and which materials and cost this will represent to do so. Any clue or guideline on this matter will be very appretiate. Thanks.

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