Snail Farms: Strategies To Market Your FREE Range Snails

Strategies To Market Your FREE Range Snails

One of the most important aspects of snail farming is selling your snails.

It involves getting your snails into the market by educating, promotion and creating a brand image to encourage customers to buy your snails.

Marketing creates awareness of your snail product and builds your company’s brand and reputation.

The consumer wants to know that the price is worth the value of the product.

Also the producer needs to be customer-orientated as well as product orientated.

Cater to the customer and you will usually always maintain this market.

This book produced by Australia Sonya Begg outlines the importance of marketing and strategic planning to provide a focused approach for snail products and services to reach the appropriate target market.

Download a copy of the book titled “Austrailian Free Range Snails Marketing Strategies click here or click on the image of the book below


marketing your snail farming business

Snail Farms: Strategies To Market Your FREE Range Snails

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