Snail Farm Marketing – 6 Tips To Market Your Snail Farming Business Effectively

Is your snail farming business thriving yet?

If it’s not, you may not be marketing it right.

In niche markets such as this, it’s important to know who your customers are and how to get your product in front of them.

If you do this right, you will generate more sales and build your reputation.

Your snail farming business will thrive and you will be successful in this delicate industry.



Tip 1: Know your customers.

Make a list of your potential customers. These may be restaurant supply chains, individual restaurants, or even individual customers.

You’ll need to market your snail farm differently to each one of these potrential customers.

Before you can market any of your snails or snail products to them, you will need to work out where their interests lie.

Only when you know what the needs of your potential customers are will you have good leverage to sell your snail farm products to them.



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Tip 2: Differentiate Your Snail Farm Business.

One way to stay a few steps ahead of the competition is to differentiate your snail farming business from that of your competitors.

You have to be able to say what is different about your snail farm that should make your potential customer buy from you….

And before you say “Price”….


While “price” can make a difference, it is not really a big differentiator and is often too easy to copy by your competitors; often resulting in unnecessary price wars with no one really making any money in the business.


A differentiator could be something you do about your service… for example,…

you might be able to deliver fresh snails to your customers door or..

it might be something about the way you pack the products or the fact that ..

you take time to ensure the snails clear out their bowels before bringing to market.

Think about what makes your snail farm different from others.

Are your snails fed on a specific kind of diet?

Are your snails a certain variety that is rare or has a particularly interesting flavor?

Do you do (or not do) anything in the processing stage that sets you apart from other snail farms in the area?

These are some of the things that you can really use to sell your snail farm product to potential customers.


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Tip 3: Have A Website For Your Snail Farm.

Getting a website built for your snail farm is one of the best ways to market your business in this current day and age.


Most people and big business start their research for suppliers on the internet… so it is important to get your business name out there.

Having a website also opens you to new opportunities… you might find for example that a person planning a party might be looking for a big supplier of snails to buy snail products from…

Guess where they are most likely to start their search for a supplier from…

The Internet …off course!!

Websites are relatively cheap nowadays (hosting is less than 10 dollars per month and domain names are even cheaper) and you can tailor different pages of your website to different types of prospective customers. See the next tip for more details on this.


Tip 4: Tailor your sales pitch.

Many of your prospective customers will have different priorities when it comes to snails.

To be successful, you should tailor your sales pitch to each major concern.

For instance, it would be logical to think that one of the main interests of restaurant supply chains is turnaround time.

These chains want their orders filled quickly, and trumpeting your fast shipping and same day order processing might be the way to go.

A restaurant owner, on the other hand, might be more interested in the fact that your snails are of a particularly rare variety, as his or her restaurant will be the only one in the area to serve this type.



Tip 5: Build a social presence.

Social media is huge these days, and there is no reason not use this to your advantage.

Creating a Facebook fan page for your snail farming business can bring in all kinds of viral traffic to your website and generate more sales.

Ask your customers to “like” your page after filling their orders, and you will be surprised how many do.


Tip 6: Follow up with your customers.

One of the keys to any business is the ability to reach out to previous customers.

If someone has purchased snails from you in the past, they likely will again if they had a good experience.

So be sure they don’t forget about you and send out a periodic newsletter with special deals on future orders.

You might even offer any customer that visits your farm a voucher to use next time they visit so they get a discount the next time they visit to shop at your farm.

It’s the same principle some of the major departmental stores like Tesco, Walmart etc use by offering loyalty cards

The bottom line is this…

The most important thing in any business including your snail farm is to make a sale and the only thing that can help you achieve that goal is to market your snail farm business more effectively

If you follow these tips, your snail farming business is likely to take off.

Of course, there is more than one way to go about each of these task and you can always hire other people to spend the time to make them work once your business is more established.



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