Raising Snails: key Advantages Of Using The Pasture Production System For Raising Snails

The key to making it in the snail farming business is to be able to produce snails that generate repeat business

What you want as a fish farmer is repeat business!!

You want for your customers to come back to repurchase from you and for your customers to recommend your snails as high quality snail that taste well and worth every single cent of money you charge.

How do you achieve this mean feat as a snail farmer?

The answer is by taking good care of your snails.

The more you care about the welfare of your snail livestock … the more money you are likely to make from your role as a snail farmer.

By protecting the primary needs of your snail and by allowing them to live according to their nature … the more you get from your snails

The less stressed your snails …. the faster your snails grow, the bigger they grow, the faster they reproduce, the tastier they get and the more people are prepared to pay for them

Your role as a snail farmer is nothing but to optimise the welfare and health of your snails to attain ecological balance and

to enable your snails convert at maximum rate every grain of food you give them into their body mass thus ensuring their rapid growth.

You also want them to be healthy and very fertile.

The healthier your snails are … the more the snails tend to give you back in terms of more egg production.

How do you then protect the welfare of your snails on your snail farm?


One of the key ways to achieving this is through Free Range Snail Farming

In Italy, farming large numbers of snails (including Helix aspersa) in open pastures has been carried out for many years and been confirmed as a very effective way to run a snail farming business.

raising snails - free range snails

It appears this method of farming snails is less labour intensive than the conventional and current methods used by some snail farmers to farm snails.

Research indicates that the pasture production or free-range method is more cost effective to establish and produce snails than the current method of farming snails today.

The majority of the snails that are bred using the free range method are found to be more consistent in size and also

tend to suffer a very low mortality rate due to acclimatisation to the environment that existed in the pasture production fields.

A recent research indicated that they found that one third of the newly bred snails reached marketable size before they were 12 months old in the first year of production.

This number increased to approximately half the number of newly bred snails in the second year of production. (source: Free Range Snail Farming In Australia)

If you also farm snails using the free range method of raising snails, you also have a significant marketing advantage over other snail farmers selling snails that are collected and grown out in enclosures or greenhouses.

Your adverts should make the customers aware about your significant advantage.

Another point is that collected snails are often aged and therefore are not as palatable as younger snails that have been grown with all the needs of the snail catered for by the snail farmer.

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