Raising Snails: A Beginners Guide On How To Start Up A Snail Farm In Your Backyard

A Beginners Guide On How To Start Up A Snail Farm In Your Backyard

A popular method of raising snails in Australia that most homeowners use is the Gal-ring enclosures

The conventional and current method of raising snails outdoors in Australia is where snails are contained in smaller enclosures called (galvanized iron rings) and then hand fed custom snail mix in covered feeders.

The snails are also provided with roofing tiles as daytime retreats.

As stock numbers increase, the number of enclosures is increased to provide breeding and growing space.

If you are just contemplating whether to own a snail farm or not… this might be some thing you can do on a trial basis in your backyard.snail farms - beginners guide to starting a snail farm

It’s an ideal way for beginners entering the snail farming industry or for people wishing to grow snails for home consumption touse. The snail farm can also be easily managed by one person.

This method also  gives an inexperienced farmer the opportunity to learn about snail behaviour and associated problems that may occur and to gain some practical experience ⎯ an important factor that should be considered before undertaking a large commercial operation.

The labour component becomes higher as the operation grows. The food must be renewed each day, and any leftover vegetable leaves removed to avoid attracting insects and flies.

The feeders need to be washed regularly and the soil in the containers refreshed periodically.

Juvenile snails need to be culled and transferred to growing rings throughout the season.

This type of snail production has proved to be an excellent method for beginners and for people who wish to farm snails as a hobby or cottage industry.

The rings can be maintained without difficulty and the snails can easily be monitored ⎯ it’s a good starting point.

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