Raising Snails – 3 Keys Methods To Setting Up Your Own Snail Farm

3 Keys Methods To Setting Up Your Own Snail Farm

Snail farmers throughout the world have been experimenting with different types of production arrangements for a good many years.

The search has always been for:

  1. a system that incorporates minimising labour input and
  2. a system that offers greater economic returns for the amount of money invested


There are three main systems in use by most snail farmers at the present time.

1. Outdoors System of Raising Snails

This type of snail farming is conducted completely outside in open parks.

The snails are placed in areas enclosed by snail proof fences.

The enclosures are planted out with various vegetation selected for its suitability as snail food.

Snails are then  left to breed, reproduce and grow though out the season virtually unattended until harvested.

This system has been adopted by the Italians and almost all the snails produced for the market are farmed this way.

Italian snail farms tend to cover very large areas ( 2.5 hectares or more).

The amount of labour and materials is kept to a minimum and therefore has economic advantages when compared to the other types of snail farming described below.

Unfortunately the snails are only harvested during the few months of the growing season and the amount of product available to the market is limited.

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2. Indoors System Of Raising Snails.

This system incorporates climate controlled buildings in which the snails spend their entire time under set parameters to facilitate the optimum environment for snail reproduction and growth.

The snails are fed a formulated mixture prepared by commercial feed producers that include all the nutritional requirements needed for each stage of the snails development.

Snail farming at this level requires a high capital investment initially and the snail’s and their environment need to be monitored constantly requiring the presence of human supervision seven days a

The indoors method has been researched in France extensively for approximately 20 years.

This type of snail farming arose because the winters in the northern hemisphere can be quite severe and the production of snails ceased at this time.

Growing the snails indoors enabled the farmer to produced snails all year round and therefore supply the markets with the fresh product on demand.


3. Indoors/Outdoors System Of Raising Snails

As the name suggests this system incorporates some of the management practices of both the above mentioned types of snail farming.

Reproduction and the nursery environment use the indoor method, whilst the growing out phase is conducted outdoors.

This system enables the snail farmer to grow and produce snails all year round and therefore has the product available to the market at all times.

This type of snail farming is now widely adopted in France and has been practiced for some time.

The breeding greenhouse gives the snail farmer the ability to control the environment to such a degree that outside air temperatures do not interfere with the breeding program.

The same is applicable to the nursery greenhouse where the juvenile snails are able to feed and grow without any detrimental adverse weather conditions interrupting the desired growth rate.

The growing area is completely covered by shade cloth giving the snails protection from the sun,wind and hail, it also provides the snail farmer with an area that assists with the protection of the plants that the snails are to feed upon.

The Indoor /Outdoor method of snail farming and management gives you the best of both systems that have been developed and proven overseas over many years.

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