Snail Farm Startups – 6 Tips For Successful Market Research

The way that you conduct your market research for your snail farming business will have a significant impact on the quality of the results.

Below are the 6 key points to remember when conducting your market research for your snail farm and interpreting your results.


Ask the right questions

If your questions are badly phrased when consucting your market research for your snail farm then you may end up produce misleading results.

Avoid closed questions which encourage the answer “yes” or “no”.

Asking potential customers in an area maybe they would buy snails would only result in a “yes” or “no” answer and …

you would end us discovering nothing more than the fact that they would buy snails –


You would be far better off to ask questions about “what type of snails they eat” or “where they eat snails last and where they bought it from” …


that way you get more tangible information that your business can use to benefit your snail farm.



Talk to the right people

Snail Farms - Snails for sale on a market in Torino, Italy


A survey at a bus stop, for example, will get answers from commuters, but if your business objective is to grow snails to sell to restaurants in an area, this won’t be representative of your market.


Talk to enough people

A survey for example, of ten people won’t get you enough information about the demand for snail in your area and even if you get something it is very unlikely to benefit your snail farm.

Some market research professionals suggest asking at least 150 people in order to get a complete picture.

This way whatever you get from your market research is likely to be of benefit to your snail farming bsuiness


Keep Your Research Impartial

It’s in your own interest to keep your market research impartial…

you must really want to know what the market is saying and try to use your market reasearch to justify what it is you are thinking.

It’s easy to encourage people to give you the answer you want but it will only ends up damaging your snail farming business.

For example, you can act impartially by asking leading questions or smiling at the ‘right’ answer.

Discussions, where you’re not working from a list of set questions, are particularly easy to distort.

You also need to be quite aware that if you are doing your market research for your snail farm using a focus group; that  it is possible for individuals with strong opinions to sometimes heavily influence the views of others.



Interprete The Results You Get From Your Snail Farm ResearchWith Care

You need to make sure you draw the right conclusions from your research.

Bear in mind that people may distort answers in the hope of affecting what you do.

For example, they might say they would be interested in a product like your snails “if the price was lower”.

Qualitative research – where you’re investigating feelings and attitudes – can be particularly difficult to interpret.



Be Realistic

It can be tempting to pick out results that confirm what you want to hear, and ignore the rest.

But ignoring negative results could damage your snail business. Be prepared to modify your plans if necessary.

If you don’t have the time or skills to carry out research yourself, consider using a market research agency.


Snail Farms Startups – 6 Tips For Successful Market Research


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