Snail Farming In Nigeria

Snail Farming Business In Nigeria … To Invest or Not!!!

Are you based in Nigeria and contemplating whether to start up a snail farming business in Nigeria or not… then you might want to read this article.

The view is that snail farming business in nigeria is on the upswing.

For pure health reasons, many more people are consuming snails, irrespective of the cost of procurement.snail farming in nigeria

Taboos over snail consumption are being broken down in some places.

There is a growing need to meet the increasing demand for snails, especially as demand for snails is on the increase.

The traditional method of raiding the forest and woods to gather snails to sell on…

is no longer a reliable means for anyone serious in this business to be able to meet the growing demand for snails.

Snail farming in nigeria is now one of the most lucrative businesses that one can embark upon; either on a small or large scale, with very low initial capital outlay.

Snails are very prolific breeders and they can reproduce very fast.

Each adult snail you have can produce up to 600 snails each growing season… It doesn’t take long for you to see that you could quickly more than quadruple your orginal investment if you do things the right way.

Not only is snail meat a local delicacy… snail meat and its shell are export products and huge foreign exchange earners.


Snail Farming In Nigeria – Watch As A Snail Lays More Eggs



Is Snail Farming Business In Nigeria Expensive?

It is very cheap and easy to feed the snails. The food the snails will eat is found almost free all around you.

Snails are vegetarians so all they eat is plants and fruits..

The good thing also in terms of housing your snails is that …. any space around you, no matter the size, can easily be converted into a snail pen.”

You also don’t have much to worry about your neighboours…

Unlike some other lifestock farming process such as poultry farming; having a snail farming business in nigeria is very unlikely to cause your neighbours any grief….


because snails dont smell nor do they make any noise.

Even when you do have a large commercial farm, your customers can go right into the farms and make their purchase or better still they can place orders in advance.



Snail Farming In Nigeria – What Do You Need To Set Up?

If you have been considering setting up a business in Nigeria for some time… perharps having a snail farming business in nigeria will be suitable for you

You don’t have to quit your current job to run this business on the side and it doesnt really matter if you are male or female to run this business

Both adults and children, irrespective of educational background, can learn how to manage a snail-breeding business successfully.

It is a business that does not in any way disturb your present job, nor does your job stop you from running it profitably.

You also have numerous outlets to sell your snails…

Apart from the local markets… you also have local eateries, restaurants, hotels and the export market.

Remember snail meat including its shell are all useful products .

On the issue of exporting… You will need to find some snail exporters who tend to buy all that is available in large farms for the international snail market.

A word of caution though….


What’s The Catch To Setting Up A Snail Farming Business In Nigeria?


snail farming business in nigeria

Whilst snail farming business in nigeria is a very lucrative business… you must carry out your own market research before you embark on this business or any other business for that matter

Failure to carry out good market research is a recipe for disaster.

Remember you are trading in lifestock… you never try to find buyers for your products when the snails are ready for the market

You find buyers before you start production… that way you are not left with stock that you have to continue feeding even though you woulkd not get paid more than the standard price of a snail

If you have done your homework well…

A snail farming business in Nigeria can last you several years.

Take for instance the Archatina Archatina Snail

Each achatina lays 300 to 500 eggs at a time in clutches, three times a year and each snail has the ability to reproduce (Each snail has the female and male organ )

It doesnt take long before you multiply the number of snails you have got

Selling each for about N300 means you will be be smiling to the bank in no time.

It can lasts as long as the you desire since the snails do not stop reproducing.

The snails continuously lay several eggs at very short intervals.”

Snail farming business in nigeria is an investment for the present and the future…

It’s a very simple and exciting way of making provision for the rainy days.

To start up your own snail farming business… keep an eye out on and

I will be publishing some good materials that will help you easily and quickly set up your own snail farming business soon.

If you are already operating a snail farming business in Nigeria, it would be good to hear or read of your personal experiences.

You can use the box below to share your comments or contribute by sending in your own personal article… here is the link to send in your own article

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 Snail Farming In Nigeria

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